Rhoda R. Berger has over 15 years of experience in the field of integrative psychiatry. She has counseled patients of all ages, spanning the spectrum of life events, from new mothers with postpartum depression to patients and their families at the end of life.

Treatment Philosophy

As an integrative psychiatric provider, Rhoda R. Berger treats patients holistically. She assesses each patient’s overall health and wellness. She is a healing presence who then works with them to develop an individualized path towards wholeness. Her unique blend of alternative and conventional therapies can reduce symptoms in as little as 1 or 2 months.

Integrative Services

- Comprehensive Psychiatric & Health Assessments

- Medication Management

- Integrative Alternatives

- Parent Counseling & Communication Techniques

- Children, Teenagers & Adults

- Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychiatric Care - Bringing Mind, Body and Medicine Together


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Thank you for your unique combination of keen and intelligent insights and genuine compassion. You have given me the words and framework to understand my feelings, beliefs and misconceptions. I know that without your support I would not have been able to begin the process of healing after my traumatic loss.

- Diane W.       

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