Thank you for your unique combination of keen and intelligent insights and genuine compassion. You have given me the words and framework to understand my feelings, beliefs and misconceptions. I know that without your support I would not have been able to begin the process of healing after my traumatic loss. - Diane W.

Rhoda is an intuitive and talented diagnostician. She engages her clients easily and provides insights both to them and therapists working with them.  She is a therapeutic presence in the lives of her clients providing them with deep understanding and relief of their symptoms.

- Tatiana K. PhD - Supervising Psychologist

Rhoda is very caring and has an open ear whenever I need her. She’s helped me learn how to manage my son’s behavioral issues with a combination of medication and parenting techniques. He’s a different boy today. - Amy S.

Rhoda’s capacity to assess subtle nuances has been honed through her work with children with whom much must be intuited. She has a way of drawing people out and creating an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable to open up. I always feel confident that my clients will receive a thorough assessment addressing their physical and emotional issues.

- Jill S., Therapist

I have been seeing Rhoda for over ten years. She has helped to clarify and reframe my experiences and find new meaning in them. I find that I approach things in a more positive way and that this has enriched my relationships with the people I am closest to. - Joe C.

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