I want to help you take strides towards deeper emotional health and well-being!

As an integrative practitioner, my approach to healing starts by getting to know you as a complex individual with an innate ability to heal. I have also noticed that using humor and a gentle   approach with my clients makes it easier for them to grow.

Integrative Psychiatric Care | Rhoda R. Berger | Complementary Treatment Approach

We are marvelously complicated creatures. To varying degrees, each of our minds needs to be challenged, our hearts to be opened, and we want to feel connected. In order to maintain overall health and wellness, we desire work we enjoy as well as recreation, companionship, safety and solitude. Our bodies need exercise, healthy food, adequate rest, physical intimacy and minimum exposure to toxins. And even as our beings crave a balancing of our needs, life conspires to get in the way. We are affected by internal and external stressors that may siphon our energy. Imbalances left untreated may cause troubling symptoms to develop. In turn, these symptoms can affect a person’s ability to function at home, school or work.

Psychiatry, like most forms of conventional medicine, is often focused on treatment of symptoms and disease. In contrast, nursing has traditionally been oriented towards healing the whole person. This holistic approach requires understanding the interrelationships between the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of being human.

How Mind and Body Interact

Holistic vs. Traditional Psychiatric Care

How I Can Help

As your mental health provider, I will work with you on nurturing your emotional and physical well-being. We will tap into your wisdom, strength and experience in order to help you function more completely and feel well with a treatment plan consistent with your goals and preferences. I will also provide you with education, guidance and direct interventions that empower you to feel happier and more at ease.

  “We save the world by

   being alive ourselves.”

- Joseph Campbell

Integrative Psychiatric Care - Bringing Mind, Body and Medicine Together